Major Style Icon Withdraws Fur Coats From Auction And Gives Them To Animal Charity

Anna Dello Russo said she 'is moving away from' the fabric
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Anna Dello Russo is Editor-at-Large for Vogue Japan (Photo: CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK)

Anna Dello Russo is Editor-at-Large for Vogue Japan (Photo: CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK)

Style icon Anna Dello Russo withdrew all fur coats from sale in her archive auction with Christie’s Milan at the weekend, and donated the pieces to animal rights charity PETA's fur amnesty programme.

The organization wrote to the fashion editor in January requesting the donation.

According to PETA: "[We plan] to use the coats in high-profile educational displays to highlight the plight of animals killed for their fur or as bedding for sick and orphaned animals in sanctuaries."

Moving away

Anna Dello Russo said: "The fashion community is increasingly moving away from fur – and so am I.

"This auction is about passing my heritage on to the next generation – but as someone who cares about animals, I no longer feel comfortable passing these fur garments on to others.

"Instead, I’ve decided to donate them to PETA to ensure they're used in a meaningful way to help animals."

PETA has made a number of educational videos about fur


PETA Director, Elisa Allen, added: "Anna Dello Russo’s coats will be gratefully received.

"When people learn about the pain that animals endure at the hands of the fur industry, they often choose to send their fur items to PETA so that we can use them in educational displays that help prevent more animals from suffering for fashion."

Anna Dello Russo joins Mariah Carey, Kim Cattrall, and Anjelica Huston in donating items to the fur amnesty programmes of PETA or its international affiliates.