Major Plant-Based Brand Silk Launches New Dairy-Free Creamer Singles

The individual sizes will be offered in restaurants and coffee shops and on airplanes
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Cups of coffee with milk in them on a round table

The product can be used on-to-go in coffee (Photo: Nathan Dumlao)

Dairy-free brand Silk has created individual single size creamers in vanilla flavor, which will launch for retail and hospitality in the US in August.

The vanilla-flavored creamers are vegan, gluten-free, and cholesterol-free. They are also free-from artificial flavors, coloring, and saturated fat.

It is believed that they will be available in eateries - most significantly, on airplanes. They are already available online.

Iced coffee with dairy-free creamer singles by PETA

PETA tested the creamer in both hot and iced drinks (Photo: PETA)


Samples of the creamer were recently sent to animal rights charity PETA for trial. According to the charity: "Silk is already a leader in the vegan beverage market, and when samples of the brand's new Vanilla Dairy-Free Creamer Singles arrived at PETA, we couldn’t wait to try them. They're perfect for hot or iced coffee or tea.

"Even if creamers tout a 'dairy-free' label, you may still find milk derivatives, such as casein, on the ingredients list.

"The debut of these creamer singles from Silk means that the compassionate vegan revolution will only continue to expand."