Cruelty-Free Giant Lush Launches Vegan Highlighter 'Glow Sticks'

The sticks are available in five shades
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Make-up swatches on different coloured arms

The shades suit a range of skin types (Photo: Supplied)

Hight street giant Lush has released five stick highlighters which are now available on its website - following the successful launch of its stick foundation.

The vegan Glow Sticks, which cost £11.95 each, are made from a base of organic extra virgin coconut oil and Moroccan argan oil with finely blended synthetic mica - which provides sparkle and is more eco-friendly than plastic glitter, and more ethical than natural mica.

In addition, 10 percent of profits from the purchase of the Indonesian coconut oil will go to non-profit organisations that fund literacy programmes and dental services on the island of Nias.

Make-up highlighter sticks from Lush

The sticks come in five shades (Photo: Lush/Plant Based News)


The shades, which has been devised to suit a range of skin tones, were inspired by bird plumage. They include Robin (rose), Ibis (gold), Rock Dove (lilac), Lark (taupe), and Peacock (green).

A Lush spokesperson told Plant Based News that the sticks are 'are simple to apply and perfect for creating a brightened, reflective effect on the skin'.

The highly pigmented highlighters, which come in a stick format, are best applied directly to the cheek and blended in with fingers or a sponge.

The Glow Sticks will be on sale for one month only.