100% London Vegan Fish & Chip Shop Wins Praise From 'The Telegraph'

The outlet offers a number of vegan dishes as well as its own take on fish
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Vegan fish and chips from Sutton and Sons

Vegan fish and chips from Sutton and Sons

A 100 percent vegan fish & chip shop in London has won approval from The Telegraph.

Sutton & Sons - which has outlets in Hackney, Stoke Newington and Islington - opened an additional all-vegan Hackney shop earlier this month, serving its own unique fish recipe made from banana blossom.

According to a review published by The Telegraph, the dish was '80 percent as good as a really tasty fish and chips' which the reviewer described as a 'good trade off' once the interests of the fish are taken into account.

Vegan fish

"You can tell the difference between the traditional and vegan versions of the dish, but maybe that shouldn’t be the only metric by which we evaluate this stuff, given that several fish and chip shops have just been caught tricking customers into buying catfish in place of cod," added the reviewer.

"In any case, I left the shop with the same sense of greasy, satisfied full-belliedness that I'd get from any other chippie. Maybe they’re not so different after all."

Sutton and Sons vegan outlet in Hackney

Sutton and Sons vegan outlet in Hackney

Vegan menu

According to Sutton & Sons: "The vegan 'fish' & chips...tastes remarkably like the real thing due to a marinating process in seaweed to give the fresh seafood taste."

Vegan fish is not the only option on the menu - customers can also tuck into plant-based fish and chips, as well as pie and mash, battered vegan sausage, and 'prawns'.

Sutton & Sons said it opened the all-vegan outlet due to demand.