London Shop Dough Society Creates Vegan Baileys Almande Donut

The donut features a cheesecake filling and Almande glaze
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Vegan Cheesecake Donut

The limited edition donut is available from March 24 (Photo: Facebook)

coffee and donut shop, Dough Society, has partnered with Baileys to create a
donut using Baileys Almande, the vegan version of the popular Irish liqueur.

The product
is a fully-vegan donut with cheesecake filling, topped with biscuit pieces, and a Baileys Almande glaze.

The donut
is available at Doughnut Society for one week only.

Dough Society Donut

The donut features a Baileys Almande glaze (Photo: Facebook)


Almande is a modified version of the Original Baileys cream liqueur - which
substitutes a nut base for dairy, and replaces honey and beeswax with
plant-based ingredients.

The liqueur
has just arrived in the UK - but has been available in Canada and the US for
some time.

The UK
was also celebrated with a pop up event this week, featuring the liqueur
and a number of vegan treats.