Lightlife's New Plant-Based Meat Line To Launch In Over 12,000 Stores Across US

The meat-alternative products will hit shelves in retailers including Kroger, Publix, and Target
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The range includes burgers, sausages, and ground meat (Photo: Lightlife) 

The range includes burgers, sausages, and ground meat (Photo: Lightlife) 

Lightlife's new plant-based meat line is launching in more than 12,000 retail stores across the US.

The range, which includes burgers, ground meat, Italian sausage, and bratwurst sausage products, has begun hitting shelves at Kroger, Publix, and Target outlets nationwide.

According to the brand, its meat-alternative products 'deliver the sensory experience consumers crave from traditional meat but are made of plants, without GMOs, gluten, soy and artificial flavors'.

'Plant-based history'

"Lightlife has four decades of history in plant-based foods," said Dan Curtin, President and CEO of Greenleaf Foods, SPC.

"We're thrilled to take our years of expertise and innovation to more shoppers across America by expanding Lightlife into retail stores like Kroger, Target and Publix. 

"Lightlife fans have been vocal on our social channels, asking for the new products in more grocery stores locally. We are committed to fulfilling demand and providing customers high-quality plant-based products."