BREAKING: Vegan-Friendly Lab-Made Milk To Hit Food Service Industry Next Year

Tech startup Perfect Day is the first company to produce animal-free dairy at scale
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Perfect Day animal-free milk

Perfect Day animal-free milk (Photo: Perfect day)

A global leader in the development of animal-free milk is scaling up production of dairy proteins.

Perfect Day makes animal-free dairy using the same protein (casein and whey) that's found in cow's milk - but made without a single cow. Instead, it uses fermentation in microflora to create its product.

The company has announced a joint development agreement with Archer Daniels Midland Company to develop and commercialize vegan and animal-free dairy proteins.They will work together to scale up the production of these dairy proteins - the first time they will be produced in mass without using animals.

Vegan lab milk

"This partnership brings Perfect Day substantially closer to introducing a new category of ingredients to the food industry, and participation by an established market leader highlights its strong prospects for creating a sustainable supply of protein," a spokesperson told Plant Based News.

"ADM has been a leader in plant proteins for decades," Victoria de la Huerga, Vice President, ADM Ventures added in a statement. "We are excited to work with Perfect Day to launch a complementary source of dairy protein that could lead to a myriad of opportunities for food innovators and consumers."

"We are on a journey to bring sustainable, nutritious and delicious dairy to everyone," Ryan Pandya, Cofounder and CEO of Perfect Day, said. "We are thrilled to partner with ADM, a global leader in fermentation, to accelerate our path to market. With this partnership, we will enable brands to make your favorite foods in a kinder, greener way."