Italian Meat Boss Admits Veganism Is Growing As He Launches Plant Based Line

Less people are buying the traditional meat product
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The company promises 'love at first slice'

The company promises 'love at first slice'

A major Italian deli meat producer has launched a line of six vegan options - to combat its falling sales and tap into the growing vegan market.

The company, which sells a type of cold cut called Mortadella, has seen its fortunes decline as people have stopped buying its product.

Vegan. Fact.

According to Felsineo president Andrea Raimondi: "It is an incontrovertible fact that the number of people opting for vegetarian and vegan goods is increasing.

"This is not a passing fashion, but new eating habits, well positioned under the umbrella of health and well being."

The vegan products

The vegan products


The new plant-based line - called Veghiamo - contains 'sliced meat'-style products made from organic ingredients.

They have been designed to be similar to traditional varieties, and include flavors like smoked, and black pepper. They are made from wheat, lupine, and chickpeas.

The products, which have been available in one chain of stores since October, are set to expand to more outlets - including foreign retailers.