Impossible Burger To Launch In Gordon Ramsay's Singapore Restaurant

The plant-based patty will be available in a number of award-winning eateries as it expands its footprint throughout foodservice locations in Asia
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Impossible Burger

Ramsay will serve the Impossible Burger as part of a Wellington dish (Photo: Supplied)

The high-tech plant-based Impossible Burger will launch in Gordon Ramsay's Singapore restaurant Bread Street Kitchen tomorrow.

Ramsay's eatery is just one of the award-winning outlets that will serve the patty, which is expanding throughout foodservice locations in Asia as part of Impossible Foods' growth.

Other restaurants putting the patty one the menu include Adrift by David Myers, CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Empress, Park Bench Deli, Potato Head Singapore, Privé Orchard, and Three Buns Quayside.

Gordon Ramsay's plant-based burger

Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen, which serves casual British European fare, will offer the patty in multiple dishes.

These are The Impossible Flatbread ($24); The Impossible BSK Burger ($25); and The Impossible Wellington ($39), a spin on Bread Street Kitchen's iconic Beef Wellington.

"Singaporeans are blessed with and obsessed with great food," Pat Brown, CEO and Founder of Impossible Foods, said in a statement. "They're among the world's most demanding gourmets - and I'm sure the region’s chefs will rise to the occasion and create the world's most imaginative Impossible dishes yet."