Holland & Barrett Announces Plans To Open Fully Vegan Shops

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The company's CEO emphasized a growing 'trend towards veganism' (Photo: Instagram)

The company's CEO emphasized a growing 'trend towards veganism' (Photo: Instagram)

UK health
food chain Holland & Barrett has announced plans to open a fully-vegan
store in light of the rise of the 'health-conscious consumer' and the growing
vegan movement.


The retail
giant's plans were exposed in an interview penned by The Telegraph's Ben Woods with
Holland & Barrett CEO Peter Aldis.

to Woods, Aldis emphasized the ‘relentless rise of the health-conscious
consumer’ in a conversation which quickly turned toward veganism.


Discussing Holland
& Barrett's plans - and its advantage as a health-focused specialty
retailer - Aldis said: "Today there is a trend towards veganism.

"We are
working on a vegan-only store.

"It is our
space and we should be in it."

Holland & Barrett

Existing Holland & Barrett shops aim to accommodate conscientious consumers (Photo: Facebook)


The retail
expert also said that the company has made adjustments to existing stores to appease
conscientious consumers.

included removing products containing gelatin, and krill - under pressure from
Greenpeace and after receiving 45,000 emails on the matter - to avoid 'alienating' mindful consumers.


Aldis also
mentioned his steak-loving wife's having transitioned to a vegan lifestyle -
after she was inspired by its rise in popularity among celebrities and on
social media.

He said: "She
now has improved energy and a higher level of focus.

"The amount of people that are engaging in that
lifestyle is rising."