German Brand Creates Vegan Shoes Made from Coffee Leather

We not only love to drink the stuff – we can now wear it, too with this innovative new development from a fashion pioneer
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Vegan trainers made from leather

The sneakers are made from coffee grounds (Photo: Nat-2)

Vegan replacements for leather have skyrocketed in the last few years, with animal-free materials made with everything from pineapples and mushrooms to apples and wine vying for attention in a growing - and increasingly exciting - vegan fashion market.

And quite rightly: while traditionally produced animal-derived leather is responsible for environmental destruction, greenhouse gas emissions, and taking the lives of approximately one billion animals per year, these new materials are natural, eco-friendly, often recyclable, and always completely cruelty-free.

One of the most interesting developments in the market leather. That's right: a leather alternative made from everyone's favorite drink.

Vegan leather

German company Nat-2 was founded in 2007 by Sebastian Thies, who hails from one of Europe's oldest dynasties of shoemakers – his family has been in the trade since 1856.

But what sets Thies apart from earlier generations of shoemakers is his passion for innovation: since its inception, Nat-2 has been dedicated to sustainability and invention.

It's no surprise then, that Thies himself is behind the brand's latest design: a 100 percent vegan unisex sneaker made with recycled coffee grounds. Offered in a high-top and a low-top version, the sneaker is covered in a layer of this new patented material – which even carries that coffee scent we all know and love.

Vegan sneakers made from coffee leather

The sneakers come in high and low-top designs (Photo: Nat-2)

Coffee leather

The kind of coffee used in the production of the sneakers depends on what kind is the most sustainable to harvest. Aside from the ground-breaking 'coffee leather', the sneaker features recycled rubber outsoles, faux suede sections in recycled PET bottles, antibacterial padded cork soles, and water-based glue, all earning them further sustainability points.

The brand is somewhat of a revolutionary when it comes to vegan shoe design: alongside this coffee sneaker, it has also created cruelty-free styles incorporating mushroom leather, sustainable wood, corn, pineapple leather, stone, grass, and beans to produce on-trend vegan fashion.

As innovation grows and sustainable options get more and more creative, the need to use animal skins of any kind for clothing is truly behind us.