Free Online Food Summit To Feature Acclaimed Plant-Based Physicians

The event promises to improve health, and prevent or reverse a number of common diseases
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The entirely free 7th
Annual Food Revolution Summit
, set to begin late this month, will be headlined
by a number of the world's premiere plant-based physicians.

The nine-day event will run from April 28 to May 6 with organizers
anticipating upward of 300,000 attendees.

According to the website, the aim is to provide 'the
most up-to-date research and wisdom about food, nutrition, disease prevention,
and environmental stewardship'.

Expert guidance

25 of the world's leading medical and food experts will
contribute, including such acclaimed plant-based physicians as Dr. Joel
Fuhrman, Dr. Michael Greger,Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Dean Ornish, and Dr. Joel

Through the guidance of these and many other experts, the
website says attendees can learn to 'prevent and reverse heart disease, cancer,
type 2 diabetes, fatigue, poor sleep, memory problems, and other health

The entirely free event will run for 9 days

The entirely free event will run for 9 days

'Empowered' for free

Much like the Mastering Diabetes Online Summit last month, those hoping
to attend the 7th Annual
Food Revolution Summit can register for free online, and indulge from the
comfort of their own home.

According to the
website, those who sign up will be 'empowered with truths and actions that
might save your life or the lives of people you love - while helping save the
planet, too'.