Major Foodservice Launches Vegan Guide To Help Caterers 'Tap Into Growing Trend'

The guide should serve to inspire and educate catering professionals about plant-based diets
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More people are requesting vegan food options (Photo: Icons 8)

More people are requesting vegan food options (Photo: Icons 8)

A major foodservice has launched a vegan guide in a bid to help caterers tap into growing vegan demand.

According to Creed Foodservice, the increasing number of people following plant-based form diets 'a consumer group that caterers cannot ignore'.

The Vegan Guide lists products which are suitable for a vegan diet, as well

as options available for caterers to be able to offer vegan breakfasts with - for example, vegan croissants, sausages, and smoothies as well as main meal alternatives and desserts.

'Increasingly popular'

Rhian Grundy, Marketing Controller at Creed Foodservice, said: "A vegan diet has become increasingly popular, with more people deciding to go vegan for ethical, environmental or health reasons.

"It makes great business sense for caterers to offer vegan dishes or a whole vegan menu. Products on the market which avoid all animal-derivatives taste great and there are plenty of recipe ideas caterers can create for themselves too using vegan ingredients, from smoothie bowls and dairy free overnight oats to curries and noodle dishes.

"We hope our new Vegan Guide will inspire them to add value to their menus with Vegan alternatives which will appeal to everyone."