Food Tech Startup 'Just' To Open Manufacturing Site In Asia

The company wants to eliminate animal agriculture
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?Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick (Photo: Fortune Live Media)

?Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick (Photo: Fortune Live Media)

Plant-based startup Just (which used to be known as Hampton Creek) will be opening a manufacturing facility in Asia later this year.

According to CEO Josh Tetrick, the new site will help the company accelerate its plans to eliminate animal agriculture.

It will be the first Just facility outside the USA. Tetrick says China, Japan, and Singapore are 'all in the mix', but the specific location will be revealed soon.


Tetrick says if he were starting the company (which he founded in 2011) from scratch, he would start in Asia.

He told Foodnavigator: "If we look where the demand is likely to be, where food security is the biggest concern, and where cultural connection to our products could be the highest, then it could be Asia."

The company recently launched its dressings and mayo products in Hong Kong.

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'Biggest difference'

Tetrick told the publication that he's never deemed the company plant-based or vegan.

He said: "We do want to sell to people who don't eat eggs and to those who are curious about our type of products, but the most important group of people is those who currently eat eggs.

"That's where we will make the biggest difference."