Food Giant Says 'Final Goodbye' To Meat To Concentrate On Skyrocketing Vegan Market

Vivera Foodgroup, which is one of Europe's biggest plant-based producers, has sold meat company Enkco, describing the move as a 'final goodbye' to meat
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Vivera vegan steak

Vivera vegan steak (Photo: Vivera)

Dutch food giant Vivera Foods has sold meat company Enkco to concentrate on the vegan food market - which it says is 'conquering the world'.

The group, which now owns Vivera, Culifrost and Dutch Tofu Company, says it has 'strong ambitions and aims at large-scale investments in expanding production capacity and product range'.

Vegan market

Vivera manufactures multiple popular plant-based products, including its steak, which launched in Tesco in last year, selling almost 40,000 units within days.

Now Vivera wants to increase the production capacity of its plant in the Netherlands to cater to what it describes as the 'rapidly developing market demand' for plant-based food, as consumer interest in 'healthier and more sustainable food is increasing strongly'.

Vivera vegan steak

Almost 40,000 vegan steaks were sold in Tesco within days of its launch last year (Photo: Vivera)

'Final goodbye to meat'

"We are one of the first companies in the world's meat industry to say final goodbye to meat. From now on we only focus on plant-based foods which are really conquering the world," Willem van Weede, CEO of Vivera Foodgroup, said in a statement.

"More and more consumers are discovering that plant-based products can be just as tasty as real meat and have many benefits for personal health, environmental impact, and animal welfare. As a result of the sale of our meat activities we think we can boost even more Vivera's rapid international growth."