Fashion Designer Stella McCartney Launches Vegan Fur Line

According to the brand, the fur industry is 'getting away with murder'
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Stella McCartney Fashion

The long-lasting designs are a sustainable answer to fast fashion trends (Photo: Instagram)

Fashion mogul Stella McCartney has launched a new collection of 'sustainable' 'Fur-Free-Fur' designs - made with consideration for animals, workers, and the environment.

According to the company website, 'the decision to include faux fur' was not made 'without much debate'.


The designs, while priced at upwards of $1,000 USD each, are designed to last - an approach aimed at cutting down on waste, and reducing environmental impact.

In a promotional video, a model and spokeswoman said: "A well made garment like this should last a lifetime."

Stella McCartney designs

The brand has been fur-free since its 2001 inception (Photo: Instagram)


The Stella McCartney brand has been committed to fur-free designs since its 2001 launch - a move aimed partly at reducing cruelty to animals.

The website reads: "There is no denying it, fur is cruel. 85% of the fur industry’s skins come from animals living in captivity in fur factory farms."

According to the company, profit comes first at such facilities.


McCartney is a long time advocate for meat-free and sustainable living.

She recently appeared on the MET Gala red carpet with vegan superstar Miley Cyrus to discuss compassionate and ethical fashion.