EXCLUSIVE: Earthling Ed 'What I Would Do If I Were Prime Minister'

The vegan activist answered 51 quickfire questions in this brand new interview with Plant Based News Founder Klaus Mitchell
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Vegan activist Earthling Ed (Photo: PBN)

Vegan activist Earthling Ed (Photo: PBN)

Vegan activist Earthling Ed has revealed what he would do if he were prime minister - as well as the answers to a host of other questions in this new exclusive Plant Based News video.

In an interview with PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell, Ed responded to 51 quickfire questions.

These ranged from his favorite food, to how he reacts to online death threats, with many others in between.

Vegan activist as prime minister...

Speaking about the first thing he'd do if he were prime minister, Ed said: "I guess make animal farming illegal. Is that realistic? Are we being realistic or idealistic?

"Idealistically I'd say 'hey everyone, animal farming is no longer a thing, be vegan.

"Realistically, a meat tax has to happen."

You can watch the full video on PBN's Youtube channel here