Slovakian Doctor Takes 49 Diabetics Off Medication - With The NFI Protocol

The doctor described helping her patients through diet as a 'really special feeling'
Dr. Janka Lejavova, MD

Dr. Janka Lejavova, MD

A Slovakian doctor has taken 49 of her type 2 diabetes patients off medication - using an advanced plant-based protocol.

Under the guidance of Dr. Janka Lejavova, MD., the patients followed the Natural Food Interaction (NFI) protocol, a whole food, plant-based approach that mixes and matches different plant foods in combinations that are tailored to an individual.

The protocol, which was founded by David Hickman and Zuzana Plevova, has yielded impressive results in trials so far, with a 96.5 percent type 2 diabetes remission rate in patients that have completed the protocol.

Patient success

Among Dr. Lejavova's success stories was Tereza G, a 33-year-old who has been diabetic for three years. After 13 weeks on the protocol, she lost 15kg and brought her blood glucose into the normal range.

Tereza was worried about having a child with type 2 diabetes, so Dr. Lejavova guided her through treatment, so she would feel in a better situation for potentially having a child.

Another patient, Edward T had struggled for years, trying various diets, and finding nothing helped. After 17 weeks on the protocol he lost 21kg and was taken off his medication.

In addition, a further 52 patients are due to come off medication in the next month, based on the number of patients following the diet. A total of 600 patients are currently following the NFI protocol from all over the world.

Patient Alex (before starting the protocol) with NFI Founder David. Alex lost 19kg and stopped all medications after 90 days on the protocol

Patient Alex (before starting the protocol) with NFI Founder David. Alex lost 19kg and stopped all medications after 90 days on the protocol

Improving their lives

"I'm really pleased that these patients were able to improve their lives, the NFI Protocol is a method to reverse Type 2 diabetes, but in the end it is always up to the patient," David Hickman told Plant Based News

"Everybody at NFI is always really happy for anyone willing to make a genuine change to their health. We are just happy to be part of their journey. 

"The NFI Protocol works for anyone, but it is always up to the patient how exactly they will stick to their personal protocol."

'A special feeling'

"It is a really special feeling being able to share the success of this protocol," added Dr. Janka Lejavova.

"After feeling disillusioned over the last 12 years working in the medical field, I have hope back. 

"The NFI diet has not just reminded me why I got into medicine – but allowed me to take action. I'm so delighted I am now able to help patients achieve true health."

NFI meal plans are available to the public

You can find out more about the NFI diet here, including testimonials. The public can purchase NFI meal plans here.

*This article was updated on September 4 to reflect an increase in the number of patients successfully treated by Dr. Lejavova.