Disney World Launches 'Plant Based Cuisine' Pamphlet For Its Guests

The 'Magic Kingdom' offers a range of animal-free dishes including vegan Sloppy Joe, Hot Dogs, and a 'Southwest Cheeseburger'
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The 'most vegan-friendly amusement park' (Photo: Disney)

Magic Kingdom In Walt Disney World Florida has launched a' plant-based cuisine' pamphlet for its guests, boasting a variety of vegan-friendly dishes.

The new pamphlet lists all the meatless options across the park, and highlights which dishes are suitable for vegans with a green-leaf symbol.


Disney's plant-based cuisine pamphlet (Photo: Disney)

Vegan pretzels and popcorn

Categorized by 'land' and then restaurant, the pamphlet clearly states which food items do not contain 'animal meat, dairy, eggs, or honey' - and reveals the park's soft pretzels and popcorn, which are sold in multiple eateries, are also vegan.

Disney's plant-based cuisine pamphlet includes its vegan Sloppy Joe with a tomato-based sauce and mustard slaw, a plant-based Southwest Cheeseburger, topped with vegan jalapeno jack and avocado aioli, and a 'Peter Pan Float' - a frozen key lime dessert with Sprite.

Vegan options

Last year, PETA's youth division peta2 collaborated with vegan actor Aubrey Miller to create a video about the animal-free dishes on offer at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park.

"I have been a vegan since birth, and not only do I do it for my own health, but I do it for my love of animals," Miller said while making the guide. "And I think it's really cool to say that no animals were harmed in the making of my meal."

*This article was updated on April 15 to reflect that the pamphlet is for Florida's Disney World, and not Disneyland in California.