Bodybuilder David Laid Tells 1.4 Million Followers He 'Feels Better' On Plant-Based Diet

He added that he has 'way more energy' has lost some weight, and is 'planning on continuing' with his new diet
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David Laid says he feels great on a plant-based diet (Photo: Instagram)

David Laid says he feels great on a plant-based diet (Photo: Instagram)

Bodybuilder and fitness influencer David Laid has revealed that he's feeling great after following a plant-based diet for a month.

The Gymshark athlete took to Instagram - where he has a staggering 1.4 million followers - to discuss his experiences.

David Laid

Laid began his fitness journey six years ago, saying he was a '90 pound frail, lanky, near emaciated teen looking to build confidence and become comfortable in my own skin'. 

On his site, he writes: "Although my central goal has always been muscular development, I quickly fell in love with strength training as an integral part of acquiring the physique of my dreams. 

"Physical changes don’t occur overnight, but chasing strength became a source of constant motivation for me, a goal to strive for day in and day out in the gym, a goal which I could see materialize from training session to training session."

David Laid on a plant-based diet

Since embarking on his fitness journey, Laid has tried different diets, including the Vertical Diet - a red meat and rice-based diet popular with bodybuilders. But now he plans to stay plant-based.

He told followers: "About a month in on a vegan diet, definitely lost some weight but I feel much better and have way more energy, planning on continuing."

Laid also revealed that he had jumped straight into the diet, writing: "I went cold turkey into it which probably isn’t the best idea, but I like being an extremist, I’d say I’m 80 percent adapted at this point."

Discussing his macronutrient intake, he wrote: " I don’t have precise macros I follow, my carb intake definitely went up, and my main protein source is vegan protein powder."