Costco Launches Plant-Based JUST Egg In Bulk Packs For $10

The product, which was created to replicate hen's eggs but with less environmental impact and animal cruelty, has become the US' top-selling liquid egg option
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Vegan JUST Egg

The product replicates hen's eggs (Photo: JUST)

Bulk buy packs of JUST Egg are now available from select Costco stores, costing $10.

The product, which is made from mung beans, was created to 'to scramble and taste just like eggs' - but with a lower environmental footprint.

Bulk packs, containing two 12-ounce bottles, recently launched at 10 of the store's locations in Southern California. They will land in select outlets in the Pacific Northwest from next week.

Vegan JUST Egg

The product is coming to Europe this year, according to JUST (Photo: JUST)

Top liquid egg

JUST recently revealed to Plant Based News that US sales data shows that its product is the #1 liquid egg in the Natural Channel - beating off competition from chicken egg products.

In January, the company revealed that it had sold the equivalent of two million eggs sold since rolling out the product to retailers and restaurants in September.

"Two million is good, but we're pushing for two billion in the next few years." JUST CEO Josh Tetrick told Plant Based News. "I'm grateful to my team and the customers out there who made this big milestone happen."

The JUST Egg product will launch in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2019, subject to regulatory approval.