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Co-op Launches Major New Vegan Range As Demand Grows

The UK retailer has added a number of plant-based products to its shelves, joining other supermarket giants in expanding its vegan offering
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co-op vegan range

Products from the new vegan range

UK supermarket Co-op is launching a number of new vegan products this month, as vegan demand continues to grow.

The new items will include ready meals and 'grab-and-go' options like sandwiches - as well as vegan wine.

The new vegan products - which range from £2.00-£8.00 in price will be available instore from January 9.

Co-op vegan range

Co-op's new dishes include Mushroom Bolognese (£2.75), Thai-style Broccoli Rice (£2.00), and Indian Cauliflower rice (£2.00).

There is also a whole set of options based around BBQ jackfruit. These include BBQ Jackfruit with Wedges & Slaw (£2.60), Pulled BBQ Jackfruit (£2.50), and BBQ Jackfruit & Slaw Sandwich (£2.50).

Co-op vegan wine

Co-op announced last year that it would be expanding its vegan wine range to include 100 products. It released options throughout 2018, and now will be swelling the range again.

Wine is often unsuitable for vegans because of the fining agents which are used to filter it. Among these are isinglass (from fish swim bladders), gelatin, and egg white. These filters are used to remove traces of yeast and bacteria from the drink - making it clearer and improving the flavor. But now an increasing number of wine producers are using vegan-friendly filters.

Among the new vegan-friendly additions to Co-op's offering are Irresistible Bio Bio Malbec (£7.95), and Really Awesome Wine (£8.00).