Chef Opens Vegan Restaurant After 'Achieving Victory' Over Diabetes With Diet

The price point will be similar to traditional fast food
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The menu will include veggie burgers (Photo: Gabrielle Cepella)

The menu will include veggie burgers (Photo: Gabrielle Cepella)

A brother-sister duo are opening a vegan restaurant in Michigan - with plans to be up and running by the end of summer.

Unburger Grill in West Dearborn, which will serve plant-based fast food 'at an affordable price', is co-owned by brother and sister Christopher Oliver and Jane Beckwith.

Oliver, a chef and restaurant manager with three decades experience in the business, switched to a plant-based diet two years ago, after being diagnosed with diabetes.


"Just two years ago my doctor informed me my diabetes was out of control," he told the Metro Times.

"I made radical changes and embraced plant-based eating. My life improved dramatically. I achieved victory over diabetes."

Now describing himself as a 'passionate vegan', Oliver will be executive chef at Unburger Grill.

The menu will also feature salads

The menu will also feature salads

'New ground'

According to the Unburger Team, the vegan restaurant as a concept is 'still in its infancy in most of America'. They say the eatery will be - in many ways - breaking new ground.

"This awareness helped shape the menu design," they add. "Unburger Grill seeks to offer a 'comfort food' appeal we are all familiar with. In using a comfort food approach, we are reaching non-vegan consumers as well."

Dishes will include vegan burgers including the black bean and portabello mushroom, brussel sprout slaw, roasted apple & sweet potato salad, zoodle pasta salad, marinated vegetable salad, white potato fries, sweet potato fries and traditional bagged chips.

The team is currently crowdfunding. You canfind out more about the project here