Chain Eatery Adds 'Dirty Vegan Nacho Burger' To Menu

There's also a plant-based apple and salted caramel turnover on offer
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The burger will be available until the end of January

The burger will be available until the end of January

Chain bowling alley and eatery All Star Lanes has added a new vegan burger and dessert to its menu - which will be available until January 31 in conjunction with Veganuary.

According to the company, which has outlets in London and Manchester: "All Star Lanes’ new Spicy Nacho Burger is so good, it’s bad. 

"Stuffed with polenta and more guacamole than anyone can possibly handle on a tangy, spiced yellow lentil and chickpea patty, it’s then topped with chargrilled courgettes and gooey nacho vegan ‘cheese’ sauce."


Diners at All Star Lanes can also tuck into its new Texas Hummus and a vegan-friendly dessert.

A spokesperson says: "Made with kidney bean hummus spiced with tahini and cumin, topped with mixed bean and sweetcorn salsa, Texan Hummus is a fiery fiesta - served up with homemade tortilla chips and hot sauce.

"To finish off this vegan feast there’s a gorgeous Warm Apple Turnover to tickle the fancy of all those with a sweet tooth. 

"Tuck in to a homemade apple and salted caramel turnover, topped with a maple syrup and dark brown sugar glaze, and served with a generous scoop of sweet soy milk ice-cream."

The menu will be on offer from January 8-31.

You cansign up for Veganuary here