California Chain Tells Consumers It Can't Serve Beyond Burger 'Vegan-Style'

The chain says it can't avoid cross-contamination
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Luna Grill Beyond Burger

The feta cheese on the burger can be removed but cross contamination is a concern (Photo: Luna Grill)

California's chain restaurant Luna Grill released a burger containing a
plant-based Beyond Burger patty this week, it added that it would not be
veganizing the burger by customer request.

Extra work

The company
normally tops the burger with feta, and while this can be removed, most of Luna
Grill's burgers are cooked in butter and the company is unwilling to cook the
Beyond Burger patties on a separate grill.

The website
simply states: "Not able
to prepare vegan style."

It also
says, however, that the sandwich is the 'perfect option for Flexitarians' - and
highlights that the patty is 'made directly from plants'.

Beyond Burger

The Beyond Burger is fully plant-based and can be found in the meat section of certain grocery stores (Photo: Instagram)

Vegan options

Luna Grill
does offer a few fully vegan options - and both vegan and vegetarian dishes are
clearly marked on the chain's menus.

The primary
concern with their Beyond Burger is apparently cross-contamination.

A Luna
Grill Spokesman said:
"The Beyond Burger is not cooked in butter. Beyond
Burger can be made with just plant-based ingredients, but it is prepared on the
same grill we use for our other menu items, which means it might come in
contact with animal products."