Breakthrough Vegan 'Aberdeen Angus' Burger Launches In Sainsbury's UK

The burger is made by the company behind the first supermarket vegan steak
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Vivera vegan burger

The burger's creators describe it as a'breakthrough' (Photo: Supplied)

A 'breakthrough' vegan quarter pounder burger will launch in Sainsbury's tomorrow.

The 'Veggie Quarter Pounder' is made by Vivera - the company behind the plant-based steak that sold almost 40,000 units within a week of its Tesco launch earlier this year.

The manufacturer is expanding huge demand for the product which will be sold in a 'selection of' Sainsbury's supermarkets in the UK, and is currently scaling up production to meet this demand.

Aberdeen Angus alternative

According to Vivera, it tried to mimic the famous Aberdeen Angus beef burger, claiming the texture, appearance and taste would 'satisfy any carnivore'.

The company says that frying achieves 'a perfect sizzling exterior whilst staying tender in the middle'.

Nutritionally, the burger is high in protein and is a source of fiber, iron and vitamin B12.

Vegan Aberdeen Angus burger from Vivera

The burger is said to sizzle like beef when cooking (Photo: Supplied)

Vegan potential

"We expect a large market potential for our 'Veggie Quarter Pounder' due to its superior taste and structure," Gert Jan Gombert, Commercial Director of Vivera, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

"The smell, taste, and bite can hardly be distinguished from an Aberdeen Angus beef burger. We are convinced that this product will meet a large need. For a growing group of consumers the benefits of eating less meat is key.

"British retailers and consumers are at the forefront of adapting high-quality meat alternatives. Innovative and high-quality plant-based products can make a significant contribution to a more balanced diet toward more plant-based proteins."