Boots Launches New Vegan Christmas Sandwiches

The retailer's latest plant-based offerings include the No Salmon And No Cream Cheese sandwich and the Vegan Christmas Feast
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The new vegan sandwiches are priced at £3.00 (Source: Instagram Raelikesfroot)

The new vegan sandwiches are priced at £3.00 (Source: Instagram Raelikesfroot)

UK High street store Boots has launched three new vegan sandwiches as part of its festive range.

The brand has welcomed a plant-based No Salmon and No Cream Cheese sandwich - made with seasoned carrot strips and dairy-free soft cheese - as well as a Vegan Christmas Feast, featuring roast vegetable stuffing, vegan mayonnaise, red cabbage, and fried onions.

Or, customers can opt for the Vegan Christmas Market sandwich - featuring meat-free sausage, onion chutney, fried onions, mustard, cabbage, and egg-free mayonnaise.

All three sandwiches are priced at £3.00 and are reportedly available in the meal deal - according to users on social media. 

Plant-based offerings

Earlier this year, the beauty retailer 'upped its game' by launching two new limited edition plant-based products: a Vegan No Chicken And Sweetcorn sandwich and a Vegan Burger With Red Pepper Slaw.

Instagram account Accidentally Vegan UK posted pictures of the sandwich from user laurentxlford who wrote: "Okay why have I not seen anyone talking about this?! Vegan chicken and sweet corn looks like tuna sweet corn, tastes great. Boots are really upping their game!"

Replying to Scott Joynston, a Food Product Developer for Boots who helped design the sandwich, Lauren added: "It's nice to have a sandwich that's not fancy, I feel like all vegan sandwiches have too many vegetables in them."