Iconic Brand Birkenstock Offers Expanded Vegan Shoe Line

The brand also strives toward sustainable and ethical practices
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Vegan Birks

The vegan shoes come in a variety of colours and styles (Photo: Instagram)

Coveted footwear brand, Birkenstock, has expanded its existing range of vegan shoes - marking a shift toward more
sustainable and compassionate shoe making.

The usually-leather sandals now come in over 60
animal-friendly options for men, women, and children.

Included in the vegan range are a series of
different styles, offered in both earthy and vibrant colours.

The vegan shoes are made using the brand’s own leather-like
Birko-Flor, an acrylic
and polyamide felt composite, cork, and EVA, or ethylene-vinyl
acetate, a rubber like material known for its durability.

Ethical manufacturing

Also a pertinent consideration with respect to ethical
consumerism is manufacturing - an area in which Birkenstock is noteworthy.

The shoes are made exclusively in Germany, so the
company has to follow Germany's strict labour laws and ensure a safe, healthy
environment for its workers.

EVA Vegan Birkenstocks

Some of the vegan styles are made from highly-durable EVA (Photo: Instagram)

Reduced waste

Birkenstock also attempts to reduce waste involved in
both packaging and wear.

The packaging is made from 90 percent recycled materials,
in accordance with German law and, in the event of damage, Birkenstock owners
can take their shoes into a certified location for repair - rater than having
to replace them.

The brand’s website describes environmental protection
as 'paramount' - adding that 'sustainability is an expression of the company’s
corporate ethos'.

The shoes can be purchased both in store, and online.