EXCLUSIVE: Avant Garde Vegan Partners Wagamama To Launch 'Egg' Rice Dish

The meal will launch later this month
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The dish will launch on October 15

The dish will launch on October 15

Chain restaurant Wagamama is trialing a new vegan dish created by Avant Garde Vegan - aka - Gaz Oakley.

The 'Avant-Gard'n' features BBQ glazed seitan, caramelized king oyster mushrooms and asparagus, sticky rice, edamame, spring onion, and carrot. It is topped with Oakley's vegan egg made with miso-infused coconut and Sriracha Mayo.

It will be available in London's 'Noodle Lab' outlet as well as the Cardiff branch (Oakley's hometown) from October 15.

Vegan cooking

"I've been a fan of Wagamama since I was around eight-years-old when my dad brought home a Wagamama cookbook, which also included a recipe video DVD featuring the Executive Chef Steve Mangleshot," Oakley told Plant Based News.

"I really became obsessed with Wagamama from then on!

"Years later, to have seen them grow to such a well established high street restaurant is incredible, and to be able to do this collaboration and work with Steve is probably the pinnacle of my cooking career so far."

Oakley is a big fan of Wagamama

Oakley is a big fan of Wagamama

Mind-blowing vegan food

"The dish we have created is mind-blowing and encapsulates my style and ethos," he added. 

"I really believe this dish will spark non-vegan interest in vegan food, having the meaty element in the seitan and of course including my vegan egg - but most importantly it tastes phenomenal.

"Over the past few years Wagamama has taken huge strides to enhance the vegan options and now has an extensive vegan menu. For it to go the extra mile and put the Avant-Gard'n on the menu is incredible for the scene."