Acclaimed Plant-Based Physician John McDougall To Retire From Medicine

Dr. McDougall says he will focus on 'legislation, healthcare systems, and education projects'
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John McDougall

McDougall has being seeing patients for roughly 50 years

popular plant-based physician Dr. John McDougall has announced this week that he will
retire from practicing medicine - to focus on other projects.


An announcement
shared by McDougall read:
"I am announcing that I no longer will be seeing
patients in a professional medical manner.

"After half
a century of my life being dedicated to the medical care of people as their
general physician, I am retiring."

to the nutrition expert, he will shift his focus to 'legislation, healthcare
systems, and education projects'.

McDougall is known for promoting a starch-based diet

McDougall is known for promoting a starch-based diet

McDougall Program

His business,
The McDougall Program - which aims to help patients regain health and lose
weight through a nutrition-based approach - will remain intact.

daughter, Heather, has been the CEO for over five years and will continue to
have the help of both her father and mother, Mary McDougall, in overseeing operations.