£750 Fox Fur Shawl Coined 'Vagina Scarf' Online

The designer item is made exclusively from animal derived materials
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Fendi Fox Fur Shawl

The scarf is made from fox fur, wool, and silk (Image Of Scarf: Facebook)

Images of a £750 fox fur shawl - dubbed the 'vagina scarf' - have been circulating online.

Fendi's Touch Of Fur Shawl, which has been suggested to resemble female genitalia, has become a hot topic among Twitter users.

The costly item is made not only from fur, but wool and silk - meaning it is comprised entirely of animal-sourced materials.

'Looks like a vulva'

Multiple Twitter users have made posts noting the scarf's unusual appearance.

One wrote: "Look at this fancy scarf. It looks like vulva and costs £750. Ha."

"So this fancy scarf looks a lot like a vagina," Another added.

Fendi Shawl Twitter Post

Twitter users are circulating images of Fendi's Touch Of Fur Shawl (Image: Twitter)

Fur industry

Animal fur is being dropped from the lines of an increasing number of top designers.

Brands Burberry, Belstaff, and Diane von Furstenberg all announced that they'd be ditching fur in recent months.

The fur industry has also been called into question by a number of celebrities, including animal advocates Pamela Anderson and Alicia Silverstone.