500,000 Vegan VBites Burgers Sell Out In QVC Flash Sale

The company, which has 27 years of experience behind it, said the staggering sales are evidence of 'VBites Burger Mania'
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The burgers have had a huge impact in the US (Photo: Supplied to PBN)

The burgers have had a huge impact in the US (Photo: Supplied to PBN)

UK-based vegan company VBites sold out of 500,000 burgers during a recent flash sale on QVS in the States.

VBites, which has 27 years of meat alternative developments, is owned by vegan entrepreneur, athlete, and advocate Heather Mills.

VBites success

As a result of the quick sales, QVC has already planned new VBites dates. There is also the possibility of Konjac Fish Steaks being made available via the channel too.

The flash sale success followed another major milestone for the company's burger, which won the Best USA Vegan Burger Competition in Miami earlier this year.

Plant-Based Valley

According to Mills, the biggest problem currently facing vegan producers is supply chain.

She has sought to overcome this issue by investing in 600,000 ft.² of plant-based manufacturing facilities for meat, fish, and dairy-free products in the North East of England.

Mills has described the facilities - branded Plant-Based Valley - a 'world center for food future' in the North East.