'The Ordinary' Skincare Entrepreneur Brandon Truaxe Says 'I've Gone Vegan'

He said in 100 years we will look back at the millions of animals we murder
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'The Ordinary' entrepreneur Brandon Truaxe (Photo: YouTube)

'The Ordinary' entrepreneur Brandon Truaxe (Photo: YouTube)

Skincare entrepreneur and founder of cult brands including The Ordinary and NIOD - Brandon Truaxe - has spoken out about the number of animals we slaughter.

In an interview for beauty editor Nadine Baggott's YouTube channel, the scientist said: "Becoming a vegan, I reflected on life at large.

"I really do think 100 years from now we're going to look back at today and remember it as a time when we used to murder millions of animals."

Animal testing

Truaxe made the comments while answering a question from Baggott about animal testing.

Last year, corporation Estee Lauder - which does not have cruelty-free status as it sells products in China - acquired a minority shareholding position in Truaxe's company Deciem.

At the time, he made a statement saying despite the stake: "We will not change. We continue not to test on animals."

Truaxe's interview with Nadine Baggott

'Not part'

During the interview he told Baggott: "We're really not part of the Estee Lauder company.

"They are an investor. We are Deciem.

"Ultimately what we recognize is we control what we do...the reason we don't do animal testing is I disagree with using animal testing as a method of establishing customer safety today - it doesn't make any sense."

You canwatch the full interview on YouTube here