The Best Vegan Pizzas And Pizza Recipes In The UK

There are lots of places to buy vegan pizza in the UK. Dominos, Pizza Hut, Zizzi and Pizza Express offer plant-based options for vegan customers, plus there are lots of great vegan pizza recipes.

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There are lots of vegan pizza options in the UK. Pizza is as popular with vegans and plant-based individuals as it is with most other people. What's not to like? It's a delicious combination of bread, vegetables, tomato sauce and cheese.

It's really easy to veganise most pizzas. Usually, it's as simple as asking for your pizza without the cheese. If you're ordering a takeaway, you might have to check there is no milk in your pizza base. If there isn't, you're good to order as many delicious vegetables as you want to. You can add your own vegan cheese later, or you can eat your pizza without.

If you really can't do without that delicious cheesy flavour, there are several restaurants and takeaways now offering vegan cheese upon request, including Pizza Hut and Pizza Express.

Restaurants serving vegan pizza

There are several restaurants in the UK offering vegan pizza. These include Pizza Hut, Pizza Express and Zizzi. Lots of other restaurants can make the pizzas they serve vegan by removing the cheese, as long as there is no milk in the pizza base.

At Pizza Hut, almost all of their bases are vegan, and they top their vegan pizza with delicious Violife cheese. You can also order fries and onion rings in most branches, though it's really important you check that they're oven fried, as some huts prepare them in a different, non-vegan way. There's lots on the salad bar you can eat, too.

Zizzi is a pizza restaurant, but they offer lots of other options. To make choosing your food fun and stress-free, they also have an entire vegan menu. You can choose from three pizza, two pasta dishes and two desserts. They also clearly label their vegan wine.

Pizza Express use dairy-free mozzarella to make their vegan pizza. You can choose from several starters, numerous pizzas, and they also offer a Leggera Peperonata pasta dish. They also offer several desserts, including a vegan carrot cake and snowball dough balls, and clearly mark their vegan wines.

Pizza Hut vegan pizza
Vegan jackfruit pizza from Pizza Hut

Takeaways for vegan pizzas

There are lots of places vegans can buy takeaway pizza. Some of the serve vegan cheese and some of them do not. Usually, pizza bases are vegan, but it's worth checking that there is no milk in the dough. If there isn't, veganising your pizza is as simple as asking for it without cheese. Ask for extra vegetables if you want to, but we think you'll be surprised by how little you'll miss the cheese when it isn't present. Vegetables, bread and tomato are delicious as they are.

Some of the bigger pizza takeaways do offer a vegan cheese option. These include Pizza Hut and Pizza Express, though some takeaway specific branches of Pizza Hut do not offer vegan cheese.

Dominos pizza bases were not vegan just a couple of years ago, but now they are.

Alternatively, you can buy vegan pizza bases from supermarkets like Asda and add your own tomato sauce, vegan cheese and vegetables, or make your own vegan pizza base with just five ingredients and a spare 20 minutes.

Vegan pizza in the supermarket

There are vegan pizzas available in the supermarkets. Goodfellas launched a vegan stonebaked falafel pizza in 2018, and there have been reports that Asda will soon add vegan cheese as an option at their fresh pizza counters.

Tesco have a few vegan pizza options available. In 2018 they launched a free from pizza that's also vegan, plus their new Wicked vegan range has two pizzas to choose from; Caponata and BBQ Mushroom.

If you live near a Holland and Barrett, try the frozen VegiDeli pizza, or order a Valsoia vegan pizza from Ocado.

You can also get The White Rabbit Pizza Company pizzas at selected branches of Sainsbury's.

It's also really easy to make vegan pizza at home yourself. Bases use as little as five ingredients and take twenty minutes to prepare and cook. Prepare with vegan cheese, or skip this and load up with tomato sauce and your favourite vegetables for a cruelty-free, environmentally friendly pizza substitute.

Vegan pizza recipes

If you want to make your own vegan pizza, there are lots of easy recipes online to follow. You can choose to make your vegan pizza from scratch, or buy a fresh vegan pizza base from somewhere like Asda and then add your own ingredients to the top, using vegan cheese instead of cheese with dairy, and avoiding any other products from animals, such as meat.

If you're looking for an easy vegan pizza dough recipe, try this one from It takes 20 minutes to make, and there is almost no need for kneading.

Or you can try this one from, It uses only five ingredients, flour, yeast, salt, olive oil and water.

Why can't vegans eat pizza?

Vegans can eat pizza, as long as the ingredients used to make it do not contain any animal products. These include meat, dairy, eggs or fish.

The most common non-vegan ingredient found in pizza is dairy, which is usually in the cheese used to top the pizza and sometimes in the base. If you remove this, it's likely your pizza is vegan.

Vegans can't eat dairy because by definition, veganism seeks to exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty to animals from their lifestyles, and the dairy industry is notoriously cruel. Dairy cows are kept pregnant for much of their lives. Their babies are taken from them at birth to stop them from drinking the milk farmers wish to sell, most male calves are destroyed not long after birth because the industry has no need for them, and female calves are raised on a milk substitute until they're old enough to become pregnant themselves.

Spent dairy cows are sent to the slaughterhouse, usually at around aged four, which is sixteen years less than their ordinary lifespan of 20 years.

There are lots of really great vegan cheese substitutes available now from Violife, Tesco, Daiya, Angel Food, Tofutti, MyLife and Vegusto. You can find them in most big supermarkets, as well as in health food stores like Holland and Barrett and Ocado.

Most takeaways and restaurants make their pizzas without milk in the base, so it's usually relatively easy to order a pizza if you're eating out with friends or family. Check the base does not contain dairy, ask for vegan cheese if it's available, request no cheese if it isn't and load up with lots of tasty vegetables.

Removing the cheese from a pizza is good for you, too. It shaves several hundred calories off your overall intake, and significantly reduces the saturated fat, salt and cholesterol contained within the meal.

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