WATCH: Morty Goes Vegan? Exploring Animal Rights In Rick And Morty

The popular show examines some interesting themes
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Is Morty set to go vegan?

Is Morty set to go vegan?

Cult show Rick and Morty is an adult sci-fi animated series on Cartoon Network.

It focuses on a mad scientist character called Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith, and the adventures they have travelling through the infinite universes, dimensions, and realities.


Animal rights is a theme explored throughout the show, making its first appearance in the second episode of season one.

Family dog Snuffles takes over the world after Rick makes him an intelligence helmet that makes him realise humans have subjugated his species.

In season two, animal agriculture is referenced when a veterinarian says she took an oath promising never to hurt animals 'apart from when sterilizing them, aborting them, euthanizing them, or eating them'.

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But the theme of veganism is raised in a major way in the show's virtual reality game.

Rick says: "It's a cold universe - factory farming Morty. If you want to sit here and preach, you might want to consider putting your money where your mouth is, going vegan."

Morty says: "I'm going vegan...Morty is now vegan...season four is 100 percent vegan...I'm a full on vegan now."

Will we see the character go vegan in season four of the show? You can watch the full video - and see PBN's theory - here