WATCH: Earthling Ed Debates Farmer On Ethics Of Dairy

The farmer denied that dairy farming is abusive
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The TV studio (Photo: BBC)

The TV studio (Photo: BBC)

Vegan activists Earthling Ed appeared on BBC television this morning, debating a farmer about the ethics of dairy.

Ed Winters appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire breakfast show alongside Paul Tomkins, a farmer who accuses vegans of calling him 'a rapist' dozens of times every week

Tomkins said farmers feel threatened and are often accused of abusing animals - which he says is not true, and that farmers are very open.

'Not transparent'

But according to Winters, this is untrue. He said: "Paul said that farming is transparent. It’s anything but transparent.

"The things that we do to animals in terms of the mutilations are not transparent.

"What happens in slaughterhouses is not transparent. And even on a dairy farm things like the male calves and the female calves being separated from their mothers, many people don’t know that."

Watch thevideo of the debate on YouTube here