Vegans Blamed After Butcher's Shopfront Is Graffitied

The windows of the store were smashed, and the words 'meat is murder' painted, with fake blood thrown on the panes of glass
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Butcher shop is vandalized

The store front (Photo: Facebook/Clancyjames)

An Australian butcher is blaming 'angry vegans' after his shop was vandalized.

According to David Bobberman, who owns Clancyjames butchery, vandals attacked the store late on Tuesday night. He said he believes the perpetrator is an 'angry vegan'.

He says they smashed the windows, and threw fake glass at them, as well as painting the words 'meat is murder'.


Bobberman told that police called him at 11pm to tell him the shop had been vandalized.

"It's the last thing you want on a cold and chilly night, spending your time cleaning up someone else's mess," he added. "If people have a message to make, make it peacefully by all means. But this affects someone's livelihood."

Queensland police say they have arrested a man, 24, who was allegedly riding a bike away from the scene.