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Vegan Who Intervened In Waffle House Shooting Called A 'Hero'

Police say James Shaw Jr. saved several lives
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James Shaw Jr.

Shaw is a father of one and Tennessee State University Graduate (Photo: Instagram)

James Shaw Jr., the man who disarmed a gunman on a murderous rampage at a
Tennessee Waffle House on Sunday, also happens to be vegan.


Shaw had been out with friends the night before, and they went to eat in the early hours of Sunday morning.

An unclothed man opened fire shortly after the group arrived.

Despite the
shooter having already killed four people, Shaw moved quickly to disarm him and
throw the gun out of his reach.

Police say
Shaw's bravery and quick thinking likely saved several lives.

Waffle House Shooting

?The event occurred at a Waffle House in Tennessee (Photo: Instagram)

cool guy'

A Tennessee
State University graduate, and father to a four-year-old daughter, Shaw has been praised
as a 'hero' since the story was shared on social media.

One university
professor took to twitter and wrote: “OMG! Tennessee State University alumnus James
Shaw Jr - my former student! Just when I thought I couldn’t love you more.”

with reporters, Shaw simply said that he thinks he's 'a pretty cool guy' - although he does deny the title of 'hero', and maintains that he simply did what he needed to in order to stay alive.