Two Vegan Politicians Enter 2018 Congress Race

The politicos want to make their progressive voices heard
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The politicians want to effect real change

The politicians want to effect real change

Two vegan politicians will be contesting the Congressional elections in 2018, according to a report by VegNews.

The politicians both represent the Humane Party, which was set up in 2009, and describes itself as 'the U.S.A.'s first political party committed to rights for all animals - not just the human kind'.

Humane Party heavyweights California's Clifton Roberts and Texas' Robert Mason will be respectively aiming for seats in the Senate and House of Representatives.


Clifton Roberts spoke to VegNews about the pair's vegan values, claiming they have 'been ridiculed for years' - but that the time has come for major political change.

He said: "We’ve been attacked for speaking truth to power. 

"Now, it’s time we win and replace those in Congress with women and men of ethics and compassion."


Roberts' key focuses are on: creating equality for all people and animals, creating a better educational system, and protecting the natural world.

Robert Mason wants to tackle climate change, and work with issues around immigration and the healthcare system.

According to the party: "Americans now stand squarely at the crossroads. We can set the United States on a path toward lasting peace and abundant prosperity. 

"Or we can continue toward financial chaos, dependence on foreign resources, environmental destruction, economic disintegration, and moral lethargy."


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