Vegan Options Should Be Available In All Public Sector Institutions, Says Petitions Committee

A petition signed by 1,109 people and supported by high profile people including former First Minister of Wales Carwyyn Jones AM and Dirty Vegan Matthew Pritchard was considered by the Welsh Petitions Committee this morning
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Vegan minestrone soup

Vegan options should be available in all public sector canteens, say campaigners (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)

At least one vegan option should be on the menu at all public sector institutes according to the Welsh Petitions Committee.

This morning, the Committee discussed a petition to the The National Assembly for Wales, created by The Vegan Society as part of its Catering For Everyone campaign, which calls for ' tasty and nutritious vegan food' for people across all public services. The organization has submitted petitions to Wales and Sctland - with its Westminster one still open for signatures.

More than 1,100 people signed the Welsh petition including high profile people like former First Minister of Wales Carwyyn Jones AM and Dirty Vegan Matthew Pritchard.

Vegan options

The Vegan Society told Plant Based News that the Petitions Committee did not clarify whether the options should be available 'by special request' or 'on standard menus', but has agreed to contact health and education ministers asking what assessment or research has been done on the sufficiency of vegan options in the public sector.

"We are pleased to see broad support for the petition’s aims from the Petitions Committee along with acknowledgement that food served in the public sector should reflect the growth of veganism," spokesperson for The Vegan Society told PBN.

"We are looking forward to further progress when the petition is next discussed by the Committee."

You can find and sign the Westminster petition here