WATCH: Will This Vegan Movie Change Lives? 'Empathy' Now Available On Vimeo

The film is suitable for all and does not show any graphic animal suffering
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What happens when someone who is totally unaware of how society exploits animals, is asked to make a film about just that?

Empathy explores this very scenario. It features Ed, who is commissioned to make a documentary intending to change the habits of society that are detrimental to animals. 

But he is completely alien to the animal rights movement.


The film shows him in his search for knowledge, and includes participation from international experts like Melanie Joy, Peter Singer, Mark Bekoff, Steven Wise, and Patrik Baboumian.

Produced by FAADA, an animal welfare organization working in Spain, the film is suitable for all, does not show any graphic footage, and offers ideas on how to live in a more respectful manner towards animals.


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