'Vegan Filter' Browser Extension Launched To Help Ethical Consumers Shop

Using the extension, only vegan products are shown on shopping sites. It is especially popular with new and transitioning vegans
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Couple shopping online

The Vegan Filter makes it easier to maintain a vegan lifestyle (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)

A new free browser extension is helping consumers adopt and sustain a vegan lifestyle - by filtering all products containing animal products off shopping sites.

The Vegan Filter, which was created by Isabella Aberle, has become the most commonly used vegan extension for the Chrome browser since its UK launch last month.

It is most commonly used by new and transitioning vegans.

The Vegan Filter

It works by automatically setting filters when consumers browse third-party shopping sites, thereby addressing the key challenges of vegan shopping online: product access and transparency.

The filter, which is offered by London tech startup Xarista, is currently available for shopping groceries, fashion, and cosmetics. In the future, functionality will be expanded to more shopping sites and improve product access further.

The filter blocks non-vegan products

Finding vegan products

"We crave what we know. And what we know is what we see. What if we could only see vegan products when shopping online?" Isabella Aberle, creator of The Vegan Filter, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

"Being presented with vegan-only products lends long-time vegans a hand as well. Never before have been more vegan products introduced to the UK retail market than in 2019.

"It is difficult to stay up to date with the latest launches. With The Vegan Filter, it is easy to explore product options and come across new products consumers like."

You can add the free extension to Chrome here