UK Government Considers Banning Foie Gras In Animal Welfare Drive

The move would be a response to Labour's recent plans
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Geese exploited for foie gras suffer immensely (Photo: Animal Equality)

Geese exploited for foie gras suffer immensely (Photo: Animal Equality)

Environment Secretary Michael Gove is reportedly considering a foie gras ban - in a bid to compete with the Labour Party when it comes to animal welfare.

Labour recently released its proposed animal welfare plans, and one of the headline policies of 50 draft measures, was a ban on importing the so-called delicacy.

Production is already banned in the UK, because of the cruelty involved in making foie gras, but under EU law it is impossible to ban imports from Europe.

Foie gras production is extremely cruel. (Video: Animal Equality)


According to reports, ministers believe a ban on importing foie gras - which is made from livers of force-fed geese and ducks - could highlight the benefits of leaving the EU.

In addition, Gove is reportedly trying to appeal to younger voters who see the Conservative Party as cruel to animals, due to its support for blood sports like fox hunting.

A source told The Times: "Michael [Gove] has led the way on the environment and is looking closely at banning foie gras and restricting live animal exports."

Animal Equality, a leading international animal protection organization, has long campaigned against foie gras. You cansign its petition here