Tennessee Titans' Derrick Morgan - And Wife Charity - Become Vegan Beyond Meat Ambassadors

The couple have convinced 20 other players on the team to embrace more plant-based foods
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Derrick and Charity Morgan are Beyond Meat ambassadorsm

The Morgans have inspired numerous NFL players to give plant-based meat a go (Photo: Beyond Meat)

Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan and his plant-based chef wife Charity have become ambassadors for vegan startup Beyond Meat.

The NFL couple has been credited with encouraging 20 of Derrick's teammates to include plant-based meat in their meal plans.

The Morgans started sharing the benefits of a plant-based diet with friends and family after ditching animal products. According to Derrick, he experienced reduced inflammation, faster recovery times, and a better performance on the field.

The Morgans have become ambassadors for Beyond Meat

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"After recently announcing that Alex Honnold had joined our Beyond Ambassador roster, we're expanding the team and thrilled to welcome both Charity and Derrick Morgan to the crew," Beyond Meat wrote in a statement.

"Derrick Morgan...and Charity...are leading a revolution down in Nashville, getting more than 20 of Derrick's teammates to incorporate plant-based meat in their weekly meal plan, thanks to Chef Charity's delicious custom catered meals. Her daily deliveries of hearty, protein-packed food inspired Derrick's teammates to give it a try."

"Players love getting a huge double manly sized Beyond Burger," Charity added. "It opens the doors for many other plant-based meals. They realize it's no compromise from what they usually eat."