Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urged To Go Vegan

The turtles are famous for eating pizza doused in cheese
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Could the turtles influence young viewers? (Photo: Imagi Production Limited / Warner Bros)

Could the turtles influence young viewers? (Photo: Imagi Production Limited / Warner Bros)

Animal rights charity PETA has said the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [TMNT] should ditch the dairy and go vegan.

According to the group, the turtles should swap their signature pizza for a dairy and meat-free option, in an attempt to influence their fans to do the same.

Speaking about the show, which is set to return to TV screens in September in the form of a reboot, Lisa Lange, Senior Vice-President at PETA, said: "Modern kids are embracing vegan food, so why shouldn’t modern Ninja Turtles?"


She added: "Vegan pizza is popular, and it’s healthier and far kinder to animals than old-fashioned dairy cheese pizza.

"PETA thinks that’s something the ‘heroes in a half shell’ would support.

"Putting vegan pizza on the Fab Four’s plates is sure to inspire fans to try it themselves, and that would be great news for cows."

The turtles' signature snack is pizza

The turtles' signature snack is pizza


Touting the sharp rise in veganism, the letter says: "Generation Z already scarfs down 57 percent more tofu and chugs 550 percent more nondairy milk than millennials do.

"Meanwhile, 70 percent of U.S. college campuses offer daily vegan options - that’s an awesome 42 percent jump from just four years ago - and one in five even have an all-vegan dining station.

"26 percent of all consumers say that they’ve cut back on eating meat in the last 12 months, and 58 percent of adults drink nondairy milk...

"I’ve got to believe that the Turtles would be willing to help save other animals’ lives."