'Sanctuary' Owner Charged With Animal Cruelty In 145-Animal Case

More than half of the animals involved tested positive for parasites
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The animals were reportedly 'emaciated' and living in filth

The animals were reportedly 'emaciated' and living in filth

Mary Kay
Nelson - who previously operated Noah's Friends Animal Sanctuary in Orange
Cove, California - is now being charged with animal cruelty in a case involving
145 animals.


The case
was opened when three cats and 142 dogs were seized from Nelson's 'no kill
shelter', ill and emaciated.

to Central California SPCA
(CCSPCA), the animals at the shelter were being
starved, living in confined areas, and covered in their own excrement.


Over 80
percent of the dogs were reportedly infected with tick-borne illnesses, Anaplasma
and Ehrlichia - while 65 percent tested postive for parasites.

The animals
are now in the care of the CCSPCA.