Piglets Cross River And Hike 7 Kilometers In Bid For Freedom

The farm owner said at least two are now destined for slaughter
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The farm's owner said she wasn't aware pigs could swim

Four piglets escaped recently from a British Columbia farm, travelling over seven kilometers before they were recaptured - to be returned to the farm and eventually sent to slaughter.


The four young animals had fled Slow Train Farm unnoticed - and were seemingly nowhere to be found.

However,business owner Stephanie Bird and her husband were eventually tipped off, whena woman living on the other side of Fraser River posted about a pig sighting.

By the time that the pigs were located, they’d crossed the river and hiked seven kilometers through rugged terrain.

Destined For Slaughter

At least two of the pigs will be sent to slaughter


While Birdand her husband attempted to collect the piglets, one reportedly becamethreatened and swam back across the river in an attempt to avoid capture.

All were eventually trapped and returned to the farm - where some or all of them will eventually be sold for meat, and sent to their deaths.