PBN Enters Chinese Market With Translated Film And Content

PBN wants to reach a wider global audience
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This PBN film can now be seen in Chinese (Photo: PBN)

This PBN film can now be seen in Chinese (Photo: PBN)

PBN has started translating content for a Chinese audience in order to reach more people globally.

The first video to be translated - called All Life is Connected, created by PBN Co-founder Robbie Lockie - can be watched here.

In order to start translating content, PBN teamed up with Grace Han - founder of UK/Beijing-based charity Towards a Compassionate Nation and its team member, Chinese activist Max, who narrates the film.


Grace Han said: "I started to read articles on PBN earlier this year, and found the site incredibly insightful and sharable. 

"Since then I have shared lots of PBN’s content with my friends, family, and contacts around the world.

"PBN now also has huge audience reach worldwide and has been a very popular source of vegan info/data/stories for some of the biggest vegan and pro-vegan media platforms in China since earlier this year.

"I’m very excited to see the growth of PBN, I think the future for vegan and compassionate living has been made brighter by platforms like PBN."

The English language version of the film

PBN Co-founder Robbie Lockie says: "The Chinese vegan and vegetarian market is already so vast, encompassing millions of people.

"We would like to reach those people as well as millions more.

"We wanted to make a start with creating translated content, and thought this video was a good option to share a simple message.

"All life is connected: and we must act to save our planet."

You canfind out more here


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