Pro Lacrosse Player Paul Rabil Credits Plant-Based Diet For Helping His Sciatica

The athlete removed animal products from his diet after suffering with two herniated discs and sciatic pain in his legs
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'I started focusing and doubling down more on veganism' (Photo: Instagram)

'I started focusing and doubling down more on veganism' (Photo: Instagram)

Professional lacrosse player, and co-founder of the Premier Lacrosse League, Paul Rabil has credited a plant-based diet for alleviating his sciatica. 

The athlete revealed in a recent YouTube video that he removed meat and dairy from his diet after the 2019 sporting season ended - announcing himself as 'officially vegan'. 

'Focusing on veganism'

"The primary purpose [of going plant-based] at first was to help solve some pain and trauma that I was going through. Over the last two years, I've had two herniated discs.... and that has led to a ton of shooting pain down my legs, its called sciatica.

"I've tried to a lot of things; I've had a number of cortisone shots; I've done physical therapy for two years. And I reached a place where I was thinking 'okay maybe I can solve this with nutrition because a lot of our pain stems from inflammation...

"Within a few weeks, I started noticing a lot of alleviation so I started focusing and doubling down more on veganism..."

Rabil's YouTube video - entitled 'My Vegan Diet' - also shows what the star eats in a typical week. Foods such as fruit, tofu, hummus, and plant-based meat from Beyond Meat are featured - as well as plant-milks and vegan protein powder.