New Vegan Film - A Prayer For Compassion - To Premiere Next Month

The documentary - which 'questions' the relationship between the world's religions and their embrace of all living beings' - will be screened in New York
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'The golden rule for all' (Photo: Supplied)

A new vegan documentary which looks at the connection between religions and how they embrace animals will premiere next month.

A Prayer for Compassion, created by award-winning director Thomas Jackson, and producer, author and educator Victoria Moran, will screen on March 5 in New York City.

A 'must watch'

The film, which was recently dubbed as one of the '21 Must-Watch Vegan Documentaries' in 2019, has partnered with Million Dollar Vegan - who recently announced the initiative to make a $1 million donation to the charity of Pope Francis' choice is he goes vegan for Lent.

Actress and vegan advocate, Evanna Lynch, said: "I was very moved by the many voices that make up this powerful documentary and by the unwavering conviction with which so many spiritual leaders spoke of the imperativeness to act now, align our actions with our spiritual values and take responsibility for humanity's treatment of animals."

Time to 'challenge ourselves'

Jackson said: "I feel it's time we challenge ourselves, as people of faith, to truly live the teachings of compassion that are at the heart of all spiritual and religious traditions.

"The future of our children depends upon it."

The film will be released in theatres, community centers, and churches. You can buy tickets for the premiere and find out more information about the film here.